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Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage Rolls Out Smart Home Definition

“There has never been a time in the history of technology where product development has moved at such a pace."
Posted: May 18, 2016 by Honor Rudd

The exponential advancement of Smart technology has left industry professionals with one option: To get on board, or get out of the way. Ever the innovators, Coldwell Banker chose to go a step further and lead the charge by devising a comprehensive definition of the term “Smart Home” in conjunction with CNET, the world’s largest and most trusted online source of consumer technology news and reviews. 

Yesterday, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage Managing Broker, Amy Helm, unveiled this definition to Sea Coast Advantage agents, staff, and guests:

“A home that is equipped with network-connected products (aka “Smart products,” connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or similar protocols) for controlling, automating and optimizing functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety or entertainment, either remotely by a phone, tablet, computer or a separate system within the home itself.

“In order to be categorized as a Smart home, the property must have a Smart security feature that either controls access or monitors the property, or a Smart temperature feature, in addition to a reliable Internet connection. It must also include at least two additional features from this list:

  • Lighting (Smart light bulbs and lighting systems)
  • Safety (Smart fire / carbon monoxide detectors and nightlights)
  • Entertainment (Smart TVs and TV streaming services)
  • Appliances (Smart refrigerators and Smart washer / dryers) 
  • Heating / Cooling (Smart HVAC system, Smart fans or vents)
  • Outdoors (Smart plant sensors and watering systems)
  • Security (Smart locks, Smart alarm systems or cameras)
  • Temperature (Smart thermostats)"
“There has never been a time in the history of technology where product development has moved at such a pace and impacted our home life this significantly,” said Helm. “We want our agents armed with the Smart Home knowledge and education they need to assist their buyers and sellers. Coldwell Banker Sea Coast's introduction to that technology is just the first step in the process.”

Coldwell Banker CEO, Budge Huskey, referred to our leap into high-tech as “nothing short of amazing” and went on to say that “we will continue to lead in the Smart Home space.” 

One way Coldwell Banker intends to further dominate this portion of the industry is by making our agents even Smarter. Coldwell Banker University (CBU) in collaboration with CEDIA, the leading trade association for 22,000 Smart Home manufacturers and installers, has developed an industry-first Smart Home certificate program. The course is designed to provide agents with the knowledge to 

  • Identify and discuss Smart Home features and benefits with buyers and sellers
  • Suggest Smart Home upgrades to help increase the marketability, improve sales value and/or reduce time on market for a listing
  • Assist buyers in understanding the potential financial benefits of Smart home tech when considering an offer to purchase
Asked about security limitations of available Smart Home technology, Sea Coast Advantage Director of Information Technology, Johnathan Stump, reminded us that though new tech always has its caveats, there are a number of ways Smart tech brands, internet service providers, and the consumer can safeguard our homes and our families while embracing these advanced products. “We’re still learning,” he said “but we’re at the cutting edge and that’s pretty exciting.” 

“Look for it in new homes, that is where it is going to be coming the quickest,” said Sea Coast Advantage President, Tim Milam. There are also plans in the works for an affordable package, exclusive to Coldwell Banker, that can turn any home into a Smart Home! So, stay tuned, and get ready to Get Smart

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