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North Carolina Beach Winter Weather

Posted by Kathy Alexander on January 04, 2016 in  Beach  Weekends
Whether you're tired of battling sub-zero winter temperatures, heavy snowfalls and slippery streets, or if you've always dreamed of living near the sea, the southeastern coastal region of North Carolina just may be the area for you. Wilmington, Holden Beach, Carolina Beach, Oak Island, Southport and the surrounding areas are small, friendly communities that offer great options for families of all ages, retirees, vacation home owners and investors. Homes in our area are available on the white sands of our beaches ... read more
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Top 10 Items All Beach Home Owners Need

Its Never Too Early To Find The Perfect Beach House
Posted by Kathy Alexander on January 21, 2016 in  Beach  House Features
Some people invest in seafront condominiums or cottages, renting them out in season – enjoying their own vacations in spring, fall or even winter. Then, there are those who decide that the coast is where they want to live, year-round. After all, a beach home is a very special piece of real estate. If you are lucky enough to own and live in such a space, then you probably put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring it’s perfect. To assist in your efforts, here are – in no particular ord... read more
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Making the Beach Your Permanent Home

Posted by Kathy Alexander on February 08, 2016 in  Beach  Waterfront Community
For most people, the disconnect between their dream-life on a sunlit beach and reality is a common experience. The most favorable way to deal with this phenomenon is to make that move to live the life you’ve always imagined. Living in a waterfront property along the beautiful southeastern North Carolina coast offers numerous social benefits in addition to unforgettable ocean views and outdoor activities. Full-time residents also enjoy bonding with other residents and neighbors. Strong friendships devel... read more
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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Beach Home

Posted by Kathy Alexander on March 02, 2016 in  Beach  Waterfront Community
Choosing the perfect beach home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, especially if you know which area most attracts you. Consider southeastern North Carolina, for example. With miles of diverse coastline features, zeroing in on the perfect locale can be a challenge. But a growing number of potential homeowners have decided it’s the perfect area for them, due in part to the long stretches of pristine sand and various, charming beach communities along the coast. As with any home or invest... read more
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Wilmington North Carolina, The Best Value on the Coast

Rental Property Comparisons on the East Coast
Posted by Kathy Alexander on April 22, 2016 in  Beach  real estate  Rent  Wilmington North Carolina
Beautiful Wilmington, NC, was originally settled on the Cape Fear River – but it’s mere minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean and three impressive area beaches. The city itself features one of the largest historic districts in the country, a thriving downtown and cultural/art district and an increasing population due to the excellent weather, local ambience and very affordable cost of living. Whether looking for a laid-back, yet cultural- and activity-rich place to retire or raise a growing family, ... read more
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